Suzette Phillips

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Suzette Phillips, M. Sc., B.Ed. Suzette has twenty-two (22) years’ experience working with children and young adults. She holds a B Ed. in Education specializing in Special Education (Honours) and a MSc. in Educational Leadership. A born Trinidadian, she enjoys making connections with our multicultural world. Suzette was a Level Coordinator for the Life Skills program at Eshe's Learning Centre. One of her passions is to visit and to learn as much about our neighbouring Caribbean sisters and brothers since she believes that we are all connected through culture, ethnicity or religion. She has led many successful trips to several islands in the Caribbean region. Still an educator offering her services to the public sector and enjoying every moment of it.

Suzette enjoys photography, corresponding, travelling, sightseeing and reading for pleasure. Her love for photography has led to many wonderful experiences for her and her students. In her grooming years of photography, she took up the challenge of spearheading a two week exhibition project at The National Library.  Students were   given support to create a photographic calendar to raise funds for a senior citizen home.   This was a successful initiative. Suzette enjoys all that she does and she has a strong philosophy for “creating balance.”  In her  continuous journey to become a more effective communicator and leader she now serves as a member and the President of MDA Toastmasters Club, this way, "I am always trying to develop skills both personally and professionally."

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