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(sounds serious, right!)

When the Great Pandemic of 2020 led to pandemonium, like so many, the Kerryn Academy founders turned to their computers as a panacea. Coding is a way of cataloguing, classifying and making sense of what is otherwise chaos. They taught a few kids how to code, and then one thing led to another. Before they knew it, Kerryn and CJ were devoting nearly all of their spare time bringing others on an amazing journey in cyber-coding and self-expression.

An unbelievable life experience

Early-age-curiosity about the secrets of modern technology pointed to an unlikely path for the founders of KA. Computers with their mysterious parts and strange languages led two Island boys to a life full of discoveries, constant work at the biggest companies in the world and a refusal to keep this secret to themselves.

Technology can no longer be elective

A lifelong and productive career starts with reading, writing and coding from the very first class. Anything else is a disservice to our kids. Far too often, formal education focuses on the first two subjects and leaves out the third. We're here to change this, one curious child at a time.

Grab the controls

Coding is hands-on, not some read-about-it-in-a-book experience. There’s no FUN in FUNCTION unless you enjoy what you’re doing – the key word here is DOING!

Remote, not removed

Learning how to code is just the beginning because one thing leads to another. Good coders find themselves introduced to a whole new, very connected world. They acquire graphic design skills, keyboarding competence and presentation acumen. Most importantly, coders develop strong collaboration skills. They learn how to communicate and work with businesses, clients, writers, and other engineers.

Our partnership with parents

At Kerryn Academy, we believe that parents are the key to their child’s success. That’s why we meet with parents before each course start date, check in with them during the course, and follow-up when the course finishes.


With over 40 years of delivering top notch hardware, software and web-based solutions to Fortune 500 companies, our expertise ranks us one of the top providers of dedicated digital solutions for all sorts of businesses and industries.

This site is purposely focused on our education efforts in helping students, teachers and schools with a modern and lightweight approach to digitization but above all, getting minority kids to be exposed to coding and development as early as 8 years of age.

We Speak Tech

We Breathe Tech

We Teach Tech



Online Classes

We offer online/remote classes for kids between 8 and 16 years old, covering subjects such as coding, programming, web development, server management and digital design.

Digital Infrastructure

We provide custom-built digital platforms tailored specifically to schools interested in migrating their current analog infrastructure to a digital-first distributed platform.

Technology Expertise

Hire our experienced and talented team to help identify your real needs and provide leadership and guidance with the design, deployment and implementation of your next digital-first project.

Sponsor a student

All our classes for students recommended from Caribbean schools are free of charge for the students. However, maintaining our cloud infrastructure to deliver remote classes, comes at a price and being able to cover those costs every month as a non-profit can quickly add up. To help support us in our mission, you can choose to underwrite the expenses by sponsoring one child with a Scholarship. It's a one-time fee - renewable at your discretion - to support one child for a chosen amount of time during their studies with us.

FRIEND Scholarship

$250 for 1 semester (renewable)

Includes Academy enrollment, small-group instruction, individualized support and access to our integrated development environment for learning coding basics.

ADVOCATE Scholarship

$500 for 3 semesters (renewable)

Provides ongoing classes and continued small-group instruction as well as individualized support for more advanced coding classes, graphic design, and more.

PATRON Scholarship

$1,000 full year support

Assists in developing student-preneurship. Student also receives a Chromebook and continued personalized instruction in courses that can help them launch their own career.

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