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KERRYN ACADEMY offers low and reduced cost remote learning classes geared to students from 8 to 18 years old and adults already enrolled in high school programs, to enhance their education and knowledge in the areas of computer technology.

Participating primary and secondary schools - in the Caribbean primarily - through flexible contract, can quickly start offering a variety of classes to their students without the long planning and financial investment to create these programs in-house. Our aim is to offer drop-in competitive class curriculum that are seamless for any school to spin up and begin teaching their students in a matter of days and not years.

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Fall 2023 Class Project Presentation Event

FALL 2023 PROJECT PRESENTATION EVENT DATE ANNOUNCED Join us for the lclass project presentation live broadcast event for students enrolled in web and/or game development classes at Kerryn Academy.  As always, this Fall 2023 promises surprises, deli...

Memorization and learning to code

MEMORIZATION EQUALS LEARNING. For many of us, it’s how our understanding was assessed. We were praised for memorizing the alphabet, numbers, the four nucleotides in DNA, and x is equal to negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus...
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We want to make Kerryn Academy free for every student. Wherever they are, academically or geographically. At our non-profit, students learn coding for free because of the support we get for them. By donating a minimum of $20/month, you can help a child learn a skill that will last a lifetime.

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We offer classes in coding, web design and other S.T.E.M. subjects to redress the lack of digital education of young students primarily in the Caribbean, or children of Caribbean immigrants, and work with their schools in implementing proven technology platforms to serve their needs in the future.

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