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  • This page collects early advance registration reservations to our waiting list for students seriously interested in joining one of our online courses in the very near future. Registration to this waiting list does not in itself guarantee that you will be selected to join any of our upcoming courses or that you will be added to the very next course to open.
  • Filling out ALL the required information will greatly enhance your chances to join this program. Incomplete registrations will be automatically deleted from the waiting list and you will be notified of this removal. If deleted from the waiting list, you will have to fill out a new early registration here and will then join the bottom of the waiting list.
  • In some cases, your school may have already signed up with Kerryn Academy and will be offering our courses directly through their school's program. In such instances, we will refer your registration to your school so you can join alongside your peers.
  • Kerryn Academy reserves the right to review your early registration and apply internal selection modeling in determining eligibility to our courses. If you are not selected for the very next courses to start, you do not need to fill out a new early registration form as you will automatically be considered for the next available cycle.
  • We keep our class sizes very small to provide a better experience, so open seats for each upcoming course fill out quickly. We process the waiting list on a first come, first serve basis so fill out this early registration form as soon as you can.
  • At Kerryn Academy, we work hard to provide our courses free of charge whenever possible by partnering with sponsors who pick up the courses fees for the duration of the student's enrollment. We pair enrolled students with the appropriate sponsor based on a first come, first serve policy along with the financial situation and hardship that the student is currently experiencing. If we cannot match a student with a sponsor, the student is still allowed to register and take our classes provided their parents agree to pay the nominal fee of $150 or $175 in US dollars per semester for the duration of the program the student is enrolled in.


The registration form MUST be filled out by a parent or guardian or in the presence of a parent or guardian.
Only ONE reservation registration per child/student.
All entries marked * or colored RED are REQUIRED.




This section is optional but by filling out the answers below, you can help us better prepare for serving our students.
Check the box next to each statement that applies to the child/student.

Can you share with us how you found out about our services?

Our partnership with parents

At Kerryn Academy, we believe that parents are THE KEY to their child’s success. That’s why we meet with parents before the start of each course, follow up throughout the duration of the course, and finally check in when their kids have completed their course requirements.


Online Classes

We offer online/remote classes for kids between 8 and 16 years old, covering subjects such as coding, programming, web development, server management and digital design.

Digital Infrastructure

We provide custom-built digital platforms tailored specifically to schools interested in migrating their current analog infrastructure to a digital-first distributed platform.

Technology Expertise

Hire our experienced and talented team to help identify your real needs and provide leadership and guidance with the design, deployment and implementation of your next digital-first project.

Sponsor a student

All our classes for students recommended from Caribbean schools are free of charge for the students. However, maintaining our cloud infrastructure to deliver remote classes, comes at a price and being able to cover those costs every month as a non-profit can quickly add up. To help support us in our mission, you can choose to underwrite the expenses by sponsoring one child with a Scholarship. It's a one-time fee - renewable at your discretion - to support one child for a chosen amount of time during their studies with us.

FRIEND Scholarship

$250 for 1 semester (renewable)

Includes Academy enrollment, small-group instruction, individualized support and access to our integrated development environment for learning coding basics.

ADVOCATE Scholarship

$500 for 3 semesters (renewable)

Provides ongoing classes and continued small-group instruction as well as individualized support for more advanced coding classes, graphic design, and more.

PATRON Scholarship

$1,000 full year support

Assists in developing student-preneurship. Student also receives a Chromebook and continued personalized instruction in courses that can help them launch their own career.

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