Daniel Sackie-Mensah

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Mr. Daniel Sackie-Mensah expands skills from law enforcement into cyber security and digital forensics through independent study, work experience, and obtaining an advanced degree. Mr. Sackie-Mensah possesses in-depth knowledge of digital forensics and understanding of the cyber security issues pertaining to crime in general. Skilled in database IT processes, including database policies, procedures, standards and authorized system approaches. Coaches and leads training in fundamental information technology personnel.

Mr. Sackie-Mensah currently serves as a Detective for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, working a Digital Forensics Taskforce. Daniel is also a former cross-sworn Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations while focusing on network intrusion investigations. Daniel obtained a Master’s Degree from Utica University with a specialization in Cyber Security Operations (Graduation Honors: Magna Cum Laude).

Current Certifications: CompTia Security Plus SY0-501, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer/CCO, IACIS Basic Computer Forensic Examiner, SANS GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics.

Software Experience: Wireshark, Kali Linux, Forensics Toolkit (FTK), OS Forensics, EnCase, X-Ways, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer/UFED, Magnet Axiom and Grayshift – Gray Key.

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