Ultimate Javascript Guide

Before diving into frameworks, learn pure JavaScript to provide a solid foundation.

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By: CJ Burken Last updated Wed, 11-Jan-2023 English
What will i learn?
  • As a novice, gain confidence in developing JavaScript.
  • Arrays, loops, strings, booleans, methods, functions, control flow, variables, closure, and other JavaScript essentials.
  • Using JavaScript, you can improve your debugging skills.
  • Avoid making frequent blunders that you could make on your own.
  • JavaScript Module for Object-Oriented Programming
Curriculum for this course
28 Lessons 02:56:55 Hrs
  • Introduction 00:03:12 Hours
  • VSCode Setup & Requirements 00:03:46 Hours
  • Installing Node.js 00:01:53 Hours
  • Variables in Javascript 00:08:18 Hours
  • Arrays in Javascript 00:07:14 Hours
  • Conditionals in Javascript 00:06:37 Hours
  • Comparison in javascript 00:07:49 Hours
  • Increment and Decrement in Javascript 00:06:01 Hours
  • For Loops in Javascript 00:09:04 Hours
  • While Loops in Javascript 00:05:37 Hours
  • Switch in Javascript 00:05:25 Hours
  • Objects in Javascript 00:07:57 Hours
  • Null & Undefined in Javascript 00:07:59 Hours
  • Errors in Javascript 00:07:51 Hours
  • Functions in Javascript 00:08:51 Hours
  • Classes in Javascript 00:07:12 Hours
  • Inheritance in Javascript 00:08:30 Hours
  • Ternary Operators in Javascript 00:03:22 Hours
  • Closure in Javascript 00:08:03 Hours
  • Arrow Functions in Javascript 00:05:22 Hours
  • Array Destructuring in Javascript 00:04:19 Hours
  • Rest Operator in Javascript 00:06:42 Hours
  • Spread Operator in Javascript 00:03:15 Hours
  • Modules in Javascript 00:06:47 Hours
  • Async and Sync in Javascript 00:05:22 Hours
  • Callbacks in Javascript 00:07:08 Hours
  • Promises in Javascript 00:07:49 Hours
  • Async & Await in Javascript 00:05:30 Hours
  • It is not essential to have any prior coding expertise. I’ll take you from beginner to expert!
  • You must have access to a computer. Windows, Linux, or macOS
  • This course does not require the purchase of any software. Throughout the course, we will use open-source software.

Do you want to study JavaScript but can’t seem to locate a suitable course?

This course is an introduction to the key components of JavaScript that I designed for total novices.

Building a good foundation in any language is essential for acquiring the language’s larger components. I’ve put up a resource that I hope will help you become a better Javascript coder.

You have our commitment!

By the conclusion of this course, you will be less likely to encounter unfamiliar Javascript terms, and you will be more confident in taking up a more complex Javascript subject and understanding it right away! You’ll be able to start looking into more advanced projects with the ability to ask deeper questions that will help you become a professional.

Questions that are frequently asked

Is there a demand for JavaScript?

Yes, JavaScript is always among the top three most popular languages. With Node, React, and other Javascript frameworks, the employment market is in desperate need of Javascript developers these days. This is why it is more critical than ever to lay a firm foundation!

When will I be able to generate money using JavaScript?

We’ve witnessed students landing jobs as Javascript developers, right after completing this course. In general, you will be able construct some good projects if you put some consistency and attention into your learning. There are additional factors to consider, such as developing ties with recruiters and organizations while learning.

Is it difficult to program in JavaScript?

Because there are no large jumps in this course, the complexity is reduced. You may take this course at your own speed, but it is critical that you really practice the material rather than simply watching and not typing.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Take the course right now and start learning by doing. It’s best to get started as soon as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to study JavaScript in order to change occupations or generate money by coding should do so.

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