Intermediate Web Development - pt2

Further enhance your skills as a web developer learning Javascript and taking your first dip into animation and interaction with Javascript.

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What will i learn?
  • Built a responsive website
  • Code basic interactions with JS
  • Master CSS Grid and Flexbox
  • Use popular CMS like Wordpress
Curriculum for this course
14 Lessons 13:17:14 Hrs
  • Making Stuff Happen: Applying JavaScript and using the console. 01:00:00 Hours
  • Variables and Data: How to create variables and how you use them. Strings! 01:00:00 Hours
  • Doing Math: Using variables to store and use numbers. 01:00:00 Hours
  • Logic: True and false. 01:00:00 Hours
  • Conditional: If and but… no, or else… oh no I’m confused now. 01:00:00 Hours
  • Looping: While do for while do for while do for… argumentum ad nauseam. 01:00:00 Hours
  • Functions: Creating functions, using them, passing data in and out. 01:00:00 Hours
  • Objects: Properties, methods. Inspecting objects 01:00:00 Hours
  • Arrays: Getting elements out, putting them back in. How long is a piece of string? 01:00:00 Hours
  • Responsive Web Design 01:00:00 Hours
  • CSS Flexbox and Grid Tutorial 01:00:00 Hours
  • 15 of the Best CMS Platforms 01:00:00 Hours
  • 5 Top CMS to keep an eye on 01:00:00 Hours
  • Responsive CSS Grid Tutorial 00:17:14 Hours
  • Introduction To Web Development
  • Intermediate Web Development - pt1
  • Knowledge of HTML5
  • Knowledge of CSS

This course is the second part of the 2-part Intermediate Web Development Course and focuses on polishing all the skills and concepts you have learned so far from the 1st part, delves into some more advanced CSS concepts exploiting the versatile depths of CSS, including embedded fonts, transitions, and media queries.

You will be introduced to Javascript and learn how to add interaction to your web pages and programmatically manipulating data, HTML, and CSS.

During the entire duration of this part 2 of the course, you will continue working on your published website, learning how to enhance it with strong CSS classes, reducing repetitive code between HTML pages using JS to import various code blocks and more.

You will work on the first subdomain of your published website - learning how to add additional content or engagement to your site without overloading your main web content.

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Senior System Software Specialist and Full-Stack Developer with 30+ years of experience developing websites and mobile and web applications for such companies as NYU Medical Center, Boston Institute of Technology, Chrysler Corp, Health RX Scripts Pharmacy and many more.

With such a successful and rewarding career, my passion lately has focused on helping minority and women-led small businesses to reach equal technology footing in order to have a viable chance to survive in the long run and passing on the knowledge accumulated over my career to the next generation, specially young students in the Caribbean, so they too can grow to have a future career as rewarding as mine.

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    CJ Burken
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    Shane John
    Cj is a smart and funny teacher and I enjoy his classes
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